Monday, October 3, 2016

Avon Coupon Code For My First Time Online Customers

Shop Avon Online Now

When you visit my Avon eStore you can start getting discounts right away. For any order you place of $50 or more you'll immediately receive a 20% discount when you enter the coupon code WELCOME at checkout. Even if you're already a customer you can use this code if you haven't before.

This applies to Avon products from any brochure and includes sale items as well. Remember Avon isn't just about cosmetics, we have merchandise for men and Avon Living offers home entertaining and decor. There's also anti-aging products, skin care, cool stuff for kids, fragrances, jewelry and more. 

Wherever you are in the US you can shop online through my Avon eStore and you'll get you order delivered direct to your door! Click here to start shopping now.

Thanks for visiting. Feel free to post questions or comments below.

Sondra Carpenter
Avon Independent Sales Representative

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